Sunday, October 17, 2010

Vijay TV has joined with the Foundation by Agaram Surya representative for Vidhai on Pongal 2010

Vijay TV has joined with the Foundation by Agaram Surya representative for Vidhai on Pongal 2010 entitled ‘Euro Euro thodakkam Cody. Vidhai The project aims to generate a large amount of money to helpisadvantaged students to achieve their academic goals. Ten came together to pool in the Industrialists Lakhs 10 for each one crore in a summary of the day of the harvest, Pongal festival. And made these funds available for education in need who wants to pursue higher studies.

Continuing, Vijay TV again shaking hands with Agaram Surya on this Holiday Independence, August 15, 2010.

Between an enthusiastic audience of about 160 students and their parents and donors, and the representative of Surya to be the supervisor of Vidhai Vijay TV will air in August 15, 2010, 09:00. Seen students to discuss their dreams and aspirations, what they intend to pursue specialization in higher education, future plans, the financial situation, and family background, education and interest in the subject of a representative of Surya. It will be a special guest on the show to be Director Bala.

Speaking about the exhibition, the Director-General for you comments Sriram, “In the beginning was Vidhai just a thought. The Sparks led us to establish this project, joined by many hands. This gives the right and encourage us to make us to deliver. I have always believed Vijay TV to be socially responsible and do the little things to help improve community life. This is when we joined hands with the representative of the institution Agaram Surya Vidhai with the project have benefited many disadvantaged students.

Those students who really understand the value of education and to be careful of exactly the first day of college to move to face the real challenges of life. Will be addressed in these five years of education of the child care. When we had this project started on the day of Pongal and our doubts whether we will be able to collect a lot ofmoney . But then, when the donors to contribute to and when we realized that Vidhai no more thought, instead, “the movement and continue to Sriram.

We thank the volunteers Agaram the existence of continuous monitoring for students Tamilnadu and choose the most deserving among them. We thank the representative of Agaram Surya and the existence of a partnership with us in this novel project, “concludes as Sriram, General Manager, Vijay TV.


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