Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Agaram foundation Learning Centre Educational Institution Plays a very Vital role in the Quality of Education Imparted to the Students

Learning Center 

Learning Center

The Educational Institution plays a very vital role in the quality of education imparted to the students. The basic requirements like amenities and the Faculty have a strong bearing on the Educational Institution. A vast majority of the Educational Institutions in rural Tamilnadu lacks these basic requirements and hence is unable to provide Quality Education. This can be addressed if the student could attend private coaching to compensate for this lack of infrastructure, which unfortunately is a luxury that most people neither have access to, nor can they afford. This is what Agaram tries to address through our Learning Centers.

At the learning centre we not only try to provide them with better coaching on their curriculum but also emphasize on all round development of the individual through soft skills training and personality development programs. There are 10 such centers in different Districts of Tamilnadu that is run by Agaram today. The infrastructure of all centers is provided by Agaram and each center is resourced with at least One Faculty (Tutor), trained and remunerated by Agaram. Agaram organizes for the Faculty to undergo training to handle multi-level and multi-grade curriculum. The Faculty is aided by Volunteers who are equally trained as the tutors and are responsible for coordinating all the activities for the center. Averages of 40-50 students from 5th to 8th Std. are chosen to benefit from each centre. The faculty would tutor these students for about 2 ½ hours daily, out of which an hour and a half are dedicated to academics and the remainder of time focuses on soft skills and personality development. Apart from this special workshops are conducted on overall personality of the students.  

Special care is taken to identify the special talents and interests of these students. Adequate care is taken in nurturing these skills and talents along with providing plenty of opportunity to exhibit and further hone these skills. The objective of the learning center is to develop Educated, Cultured and Strong Individuals who will have the preparedness and courage to forge a strong and successful future for themselves and for the community from which they come.


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