Friday, October 15, 2010

Agaram Foundation Vazhikatigal


"Children are one third of our population and all of our future." Are we caring enough for their future?
At Agaram-Vazhikatigal, every member does! Through our mission of mentoring the students and not merely funding their education, we go a step further in bringing out their talent, dream, skill and desire, paving way for every kid to achieve their goal.
Vazhai an NGO who have pioneered in this concept of mentoring, have now prompted Agaram to adopt the same.
Agaram-Vazhikatigal nurtures school children in the remotest parts of Tamil Nadu, India... where parents are daily wage laborer and obviously cannot fend for their little children, and if somehow these parents do manage to send their children to school it is just until they are old enough to become laborers themselves. This is why we came up with a mission to nurture these underprivileged children.
Like all children these kids too have dreams, and we work towards helping them make it a reality. We are attempting to nurture, guide and build a whole new generation of students, so that they, in turn, do the same for the generation that follows.
These children need mentors... and one of them could be a motivated person like you. Mentoring here in Agaram means more than just education... As a mentor you can open a whole new world for them... inspire them...
Mentors are registered volunteer members of Agaram foundation professionals who can spare their time and some money to take care of one child’s education and, more importantly, help realize the child’s true potential by providing vital guidance and support through the years. In this program a mentor interacts with the student regularly, teaches them the basics of general awareness about the society, personal hygiene, inter-personal communication, educates them as well as guide them through their turbulent lives.
Students are also encouraged to write letters and postcards to their mentors. This not only provides a means for regular update, but also gives the mentor an opportunity to tone up the communication skills and overall development of the child. A mentor meets or speaks to his/her ward frequently, gets to visit them once in two months and this regular contact is priceless for the Child. This in turn helps the child to be more confident and they feel at ease when they meet their mentor the next time.
Knowledge they say increases by sharing, this is why we aim at bringing mentors like you closer to these students so that at the end both the receiver and the giver benefit.. While you try to teach our children all about life, our children will teach you what life is all about. All that these children ask from you is your support and a little time and we are sure that you will gain more than what you give. At the end of the day you'll be glad for investing your energy because you would know that somewhere far away a child is motivated and inspired... all because of you.  
If you wish to enable these tasks, become a volunteer at AGARAM and make a child’s dream come true!!!


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