Friday, October 15, 2010

Vidhai For Quality Education

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Life is like two sides of a coin, people who are in need of help and people who are able to and willing to offer it. The same can be said about educational assistance. Just as a Blood bank enables the donor to donate blood to save the life of someone in need; Our database aims at introducing our patrons to the  worthy and deserving candidate, to whom quality education would grant a fresh lease of life. In this age where quality education comes at a cost that not everyone can afford, there are Samaritans who are willing to offer financial assistance to those in need. Agaram foundation had been generating its own sources of funds so far and as per policy of Agaram, we had not been encouraging funds from individuals but Many socially responsible individuals and organizations have found agaram to be a reliable link  and have been  approaching  us , expressing willingness to offer financial assistance for imparting education to the needy. It is hence that we decided to be the bridge between the deprived candidate and quality education which is made possible through a sponsorship from our Patron.

A small deed by someone can create a big difference in another’s life. Agaram with the help of Agram volunteers who are specially trained for this purpose work towards identifying and authenticating the deserving candidate and also the cost associated with sponsoring quality education for the candidate. Depending upon the quantum of sponsorship and preferences recorded with us, details of the Sponsorship and Educational Institution for the appropriate Candidate are then made available to the benefactor. Upon confirmation the details of the Sponsorship (Candidate, Benefactor, Educational Institution etc…) are then recorded on the database, post which the Benefactor can then directly provide their contribution to the respective educational institution. On behalf of the benefactor we also maintain the academic records of those students chosen for sponsorship.

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